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The Covid-19 Mystery: Virus or Man Made?

Are We Seeking a Vaccine for A Virus that doesn’t Exist?

I got Covid. I hadn’t had a sick day in more than 40 years. I felt weak on a Friday night, the weekend was worse and I finally decided to get a Covid test the following Wednesday.

The Sunday after my test the county health department sent me an email that said, “Your test results indicate that you have Covid-19.”

Ironically, by the time the county health department told me I had Covid my 10-day isolation period was over. I didn’t have Covid anymore. I was cleared to return to work.

What was 10 days of living with Covid like? First, I was essentially asymptomatic. I had no respiratory problems, headaches, diarreah, loss of appetite, loss of taste or nausea.

I did experience two things that told me something was very wrong. As I said, I had never had a sick day in more than 40 years. I workout at the YMCA every morning and I take 15 supplements and minerals each day. The first sign that made me think something was terribly wrong was that I stayed in bed for 16 hours a day. When I finally did get out of bed to use the restroom or get a drink of water, all I wanted to do was flop back into bed.

The second indication that something was very wrong was my dreams. We’ve all had fevers. When you sleep with a fever you have some pretty crazy dreams. With Covid-19, multiply it by 100!

Understand that your subconscious mind is the storehouse of every word you have every spoken, every word you have ever heard, everything you have ever seen and every emotion you have ever experienced. It’s just that most of us don’t have the know-how to resurrect these memories.

Covid resurrects these memories, I promise you. The problem is that Covid only resurrects the negative and bad memories. Not only that. These horrible memories bombard your brain whether you’re sleeping or awake.

I’m no scientist. I am a journalist and observer of mankind who has studied and researched this Covid phenomenon daily. Throw in the fact that I am also one who had Covid and I have come to the conclusion that I and the millions of others like me were not victims of a virus. We were inadvertently or purposely poisoned by something created in a laboratory.

Before you accuse me of wearing the proverbial tin foil hat, understand that governments the world over are engaged in chemical and biological research for reasons that may or may not be honorable. Some is legitimate medical research for the good of mankind. Other experiments, however, are done in the name of chemical warfare.

What the motivations were of those researchers in that lab in Wuhan, China may never be known. What we do know is that whatever they were creating was somehow unleashed into the world by mistake or by design.

Why do I dismiss the ‘virus’ theory? Here is a portion of a health seminar conducted by world-renowned life coach and motivational guru Anthony Robbins:

So we look for the flu virus. Not even a germ. Not even a bacteria, something that’s actually alive. We look for a virus. Doctors in this room, doctors correct me if I’m wrong — a virus has never been proven to be alive. None. Ever. Everything that’s alive has several points. It consumes things on its own. It eliminates things. It has its own free movement. No virus has ever been proven. Viruses may be pieces of spent cells.

Do we really believe that after 100 years that a sick bat, an infected exotic animal or an item from a Chinese farmers market caused the deaths of 3.5 million people across the world — more than 200,000 here in the United States?

I contend it was something much stronger than a so-called virus that caused millions to lose their sense of taste, their sense of smell, collapsed their respiratory system, resulted in unheard-of fatigue and drove their minds to near-delirium, not to mention the deaths.

So who do we blame for this poison pandemic? As I said, governments the world over, including ours, are engaged in chemical and biological research. Whether the substance created in the Wuhan laboratory was released by accident or purposely is no longer the point. That ship has sailed.

I fault governments across the world, especially ours for not pressuring China early on into revealing any and all details about the production of the substance. China needed to be pressed into answering, “What is this stuff? What is it made of? How did it get out of the lab? What’s the antidote? We demand these answers now!”

Only when we get these answers can we stop wasting our time developing a vaccine for a virus that maybe doesn’t even exist.

Tom Zalaski is a television news anchorman, speaker, emcee, author, grandpa, guitar player and #1 fan of Leslie West and Mountain.

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Tom Zalaski

Tom Zalaski

Tom Zalaski is a television news anchorman, speaker, emcee, author, grandpa, guitar player and #1 fan of Leslie West and Mountain.

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